Outlined in a few steps is how the whole process works:

(The red or blue words in this article represents online or downloadable forms, the online form is so we can accurately capture all relevant information. In the online form complete all relevant fields and hit the submit button, we then get a notification that the forms was completed.)


     If you need a quotation use this form. Or download printable version HERE.

1.) Complete registration form:  (Book your place on a Course)

  •       Company's that want to enrol in training please complete this form and submit it.  
  •       Individuals / Private persons who wants to enrol in training use this form.
  •       A form completed fully and submitted, the following picture will be shown in the browser you use.             

                            Form Complete


2.) Confirm training dates with us in writing.

  •       We will confirm available training dates with you. 

        ( Only aplicable were you have a group booking or no date specified on the booking form)


 3.) Get invoice and pay to confirm your booking.

  •        On the arranged date of training, the facilitator arrives to presents the specified course and an assessment of the student’s competence is performed.

                (To use this excel document, when it opens, click on the "ENABLE EDITING" in the yellow bar on the top of the page.)

  •        Please complete all the columns, as well as the information spaces next to the logo. 
  •        Save the document to your pc and mail it to us. info@nfaa.co.za


  •      This form is used so that misspelling of names or incorrect identity numbers can be eliminated.
  •      The form is set up so that any identity number typed incorrectly will be highlighted in red, if this happens please compare with the original identity document.
  •      If a passport number is entered the block will turn brown which is normal, to indicate a non S.A. identity number.

                                                                                 Excel form

 4.) We receive assessment documentation from our facilitator within a few days once the course has ended.

  •       Certificates are issued via WebVault.  
  •       This method of certification is accepted by Department of Labour.(Letter DOL)
  •       You receive an e-mail with your login details to WebVault and then you can access your certificates at any time. 

     Here is a document explaining how how WebVault works.  (Info)          

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