Fire Warden vs Fire Marshall.


In fire safety we often hear the terms fire marshal and fire warden, and there is often much confusion between the names, roles, and requirement of each.
So first of all, what is the difference between a fire warden and fire marshal?

Often there is no difference at all between the roles people are asked to carry out as a fire warden and a fire marshal.

Organisations may appoint fire marshal, or fire wardens, or both.
In organisations that appoint either / or, these nominate people will usually carry out the same duties. Both have fire safety responsibilities, and both need to have adequate fire safety awareness and training.

In organisations that appoint both, they usually will identify a difference between the two roles. In this scenario, fire wardens will usually have day to day fire management duties. Duties will include spot checks, risk assessment, reporting and monitoring of fire safety within the workplace. A pro-active fire safety role.

Fire marshals on the other hand, will have more of a re-active fire safety role. In the event of a fire, they will take charge of alarms, evacuation, fire fighting procedures and roll calls.

Where only one or the other role is appointed, chances are the fire marshal or fire warden will carry out both roles, overseen by the ultimate person responsible for fire safety in the premises (the ‘responsible person’).

There is no clear definition of each role.