“We give our clients solutions that add value to their business and concentrate on their occupational safety needs”


NFAA strives to provide integrated and innovative solutions to our clients by utilizing the latest technology, best practices and recognized standards.  Through our knowledge and significant experience in the industry we add value to our clients operations and build long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

NFAA was founded with the aim of providing quality First Aid training.  Our training is offered to people and especially the business environment. We specialize in meeting clients unique requirements.

We provide training in all the major centers in South Africa, with public courses and in-house training. Traveling to outlying areas we do gladly. The training programs we offer are all approved, following the latest guidelines according to the international Resuscitating Council, Department of Labour and HWSETA standards.

First Aid, Fire, Occupational Health and Safety, First Aid for Children and Infants course are just an extract of the training programs in our portfolio. All our trainers has current qualifications and are officially authorized to assess and certify each program they teach. NFAA’s training services include a host of different programs, independent to each other.

However they can be taught in a combination according to the client’s requirements and or special needs.


We strive for excellence through extensive knowledge and experience in First Aid and Safety industry.

Our company is managed and structured to achieve trustworthy and effective results, even the most challenged client requirement.

We endeavor to exceed our client’s expectations with the special training solutions that we provide. We aim to price our solutions and services competitively and deliver training within budget while striving to reduce cost.