Our Training

We have developed a system, with years of experience, where the contents of a course is customized to suite the requirements of each individual client. This is achieved by the detailed training material used, in the form of manuals, additional printed documents and slide presentations. The facilitators can present an in-depth discussion on a subject, would the need arise.

Our course enables businesses to comply with requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.’s General Safety Regulations.

In certain industries there safety plans may require personnel to have specific knowledge about the risk and hazards associated with the specific industries . This will generally depend on the type of risks and potential injuries associated with their industry or manufacturing process.

We strive to get your employees trained to be the best at performing there Health and Safety duties.

All certificates is issued digitally to your own digital vault, provided and managed by Limelight – software.

First Aid

Duration is determined my regulations from Department of Labour.

Department of Labour Regulations are extremely strict about First Aid training and specifies the minimum contents and duration of each First Aid level. Our First Aid training on all its levels, is in accordance with regulations from the Department of Labour.

Our First Aid course is divided into three levels with increased knowledge and skill levels in mind. A student must proceed with his/her training along these levels and must have a valid competency certificate for level one to be able to start with a level two course and the same for level three.

All our First Aid Training classes include many hands-on exercises, which help ensure complete understanding and retention of these essential lifesaving skills.

Applicants who want to pursue a career as paramedic officers, has to be fully competent in level three first aid, as this is a prerequisite to start paramedic training.

Fire Control

Ignorance is a person’s worst enemy in any situation, especially where a potentially dangerous crisis arises.

A fire is an excellent example of this.  At least a thousand people in South Africa alone lose their lives annually in fires. Most of these people die not due to any physical burn wounds, but because of the inhalation of toxic gases, super heated air and smoke.

The purpose of this training course is to teach people of the dangers attached to fire, and how to deal with a basic fire hazard.

This course conforms to the needs of the  Occupational Health and Safety Act. to fires in the workplace.  This training is what the persons being appointed as fire control officers, fire wardens or fire safety officers in the workplace needs.

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Occupational Health and Safety Act.

(Act 85 of 1993 as amended by Act 181 of 1993)

It is a required by law that all workplace appoint workers to control and manage health and safety in the workplace. This is done by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. that provides employers and employees with general guidelines about what is  needed in the work place to protect employees from occupational hazards and risks that may cause physical and psychological harm.

Health and Safety in South Africa was first implemented just after the First World War, with the Factories Act, 1918 (Act no, 28 of 1918). Twenty two years later it was replaced by more comprehensive legislation, Machinery and Building Work Act, 1941 (Act no. 22 of 1941) then 40 years later the Machinery and Occupational Safety Act, 1983 (Act no. 6 of 1983) was introduced.

Then in 1993 the South African government enacted the current L.a.w. Occupational Health and Safety Act. (Act 85 of 1993 as amended by Occupational Health and Safety amendment Act 181 of 1993).

This course will make the employees and employers familiar with the responsibilities, requirements and administration required in a workplace to successfully control health and safety in their workplace.