Ignorance is a person’s worst enemy in any situation, especially where a potentially dangerous crisis arises. 

A fire is an excellent example of this.  At least a thousand people in South Africa alone lose their lives annually in fires. 

Most of these people die not due to any physical burn wounds, but because of the inhalation of toxic gases, super heated air and smoke.

The purpose of this training course is to teach people of the dangers attached to fire, and how to deal with a basic fire hazard.

Our intention is not to make fire fighters out of the delegates, but rather to make them aware of the hazardous conditions and how to react as quickly as possible to get the situation under control. 

More importantly, they are taught when to find professional help.

Fire is used domestically and commercially, and although it is now “tamed” it still can be very easily turned into the wild animal that it originally was, and destroys properties and lives on a daily basis.

This is due to two main reasons, namely disrespect for one of nature’s most precious elements and the inability to deal with fire even in the earliest stages.

The delegate will understand the concept of a fire and will be able to select a suitable extinguishing medium for a specific type of fire. This will  enable them to effectively control and extinguish a fire in the earliest stages.


This program include the following;

  • Study Manual
  • Certificate for successfulll completion - Valid for 1 year.


Duration from half a day to a full day depending class size.