Course pricing starts from R 550 per person.

Duration is determined my regulations from Department of Labour.

Department of Labour Regulations are extremely strict about First Aid training and specifies the minimum contents and duration of each First Aid level. 

We have developed a system, with years of experience, where the contents of a course is customized to suite the requirements of each individual client.

This is achieved by the detailed training manual used. The facilitators can present an in-depth discussion on a subject, would the need arise.

Our First Aid training on all its levels, is in accordance with regulations from the Department of Labour. This enables businesses to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

All the First Aid programs include the following material:

• Study Manual

• In-house training

• Certificate for successful completion of level trained  - valid for 3 Years

Our First Aid course is divided into three levels with increased knowledge and skill levels in mind.

A student must proceed with his/her training along these levels and must have a valid competency certificate for level one to be able to start with a level two course and the same for level three.

Applicants who want to pursue a career as paramedic officers, has to be fully competent in level three first aid, as this is a pre-requisite to start paramedic training.

Certain industries safety plans may require personnel that have a valid level three First Aid certificate. This will generally depend on the type of risks and potential injuries associated with their industry or manufacturing process.